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People convey their thoughts and ideas via various means: written characters, languages, illustrations, etc.; for me, I speak to the world through photography. In the past forty-something years of my life, I initially had difficulty interacting with the external environment as I did not know how to express the intricate observations and feelings I had of my surroundings. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties did I find my own way of communicating with the world: I began to experiment with photography. I realized that I enjoy observing the world indirectly through the window of this little black box, and that photography is best way for me to record my inner thoughts and respond to the inquiries from the world.

The reason I chose “alone” as the theme of my photography website is that all of us have to face the world on our own most of the time, regardless of the stage of life we are in, whether we are surrounded by family, friends or lovers or not. The only constant thing in our lives is that nothing is constant. Thus, in the past few years, I photographed people, things, and sceneries I encountered from a third-person perspective. I recorded the glimpses of them being “alone” in their lives, which are, coincidentally, similar to other moments when I am “alone” in my life.

This site will take a form similar to a micro online magazine. The content will be updated and changed from time to time. This is where I can express my own thoughts, and I hope visitors who come here to appreciate the photographs can also be inspired to look at their own lives in a different way. Perhaps, this will be a way for us to communicate with one another.

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